Posted by spikeycloud (01/19/12 01:09 PM)

It's just what others said, see it as an experience. Though it can be real during the trip, it does not correlate with the real world.  Of course those things can be real but as long as we can't see them it does not matter and there is no point of thinking them being here either.

I had a bad trip too, thinking that reality itself is an illusion. I had a lot of troubles of handling that even after the trip. So even if it is true, it does not matter because you cannot experience it sober. And being sober is just as real as the trip, in my opinion even more real.

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Posted by electrodelic (12/17/11 12:16 PM)
educate yourself on physics, mass, and electromagnetic fields... What you think directly influences reality
Posted by metall (11/10/11 09:15 PM)
look into the anunnaki
Posted by Mushie23 (11/09/11 06:45 PM)
   I hear ya about the meditating, spiritual awakening and seeing sparkles.  I've had these "sparkles" in my peripheral vision before, not drug enduced, it just happens from time to time on random days.  I turn my head quickly to look at them and they've moved just to the outside of my vision, once again.  My vision goes back to normal after a couple quick head turns of trying to get a glimpse of these things.  I'm still unsure of why this happens...started a year or so ago.

   Not sure if I can relate to the other parts of your story, but interesting read.

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Posted by AtticusFinch (11/09/11 01:02 PM)
Why would you cry for reality to be real, isn't reality already real?  Maybe the black dot is just a piece of dirt floating on the surface of your eye and of course when your eyeball moves it also moves, just saying. Perhaps applying some logical thought instead of jumping to conclusions based on a weird trip experience would serve you better. For some of us the trip from sanity to never never land is a short one and trusting what your mind experiences during a hallucinogenic episode may not be the wisest or most rational decision one can make. Pixelated atari beings and a few increased coincidences are probably just residuals from tripping.    Peace
Posted by Shroomanism (11/09/11 10:10 AM)
consequences are never gonna be the same you lying bunch'o pricks!