Posted by MorePlease (04/15/13 05:06 PM)
What a really lovely description of a beautiful evening! I like your balanced approach to things. So glad you were able to relax and enjoy.
Posted by codemiester2006 (12/07/11 01:59 PM)

Definitely cool to see that you had a great time. Also nice to see that you learned some things and felt some things you may have never felt. I posted my report as well mine is the one called "nomenclature" It is odd that I have words that define my psycedelic exp. my first was HBWR seeds word (equalibrium)  second shrooms (nomenclature) third shrooms (Rejoice)  neat to me... these words just recite themselves to me through out the trip or becon me after. I had a little tougher time my first time with shrooms but over all was positive. Good luck bud.
Posted by Gooners (11/16/11 12:09 PM)
its always good to hear a first trip go well.
those are the ones that get people hooked on this hobby (;
Posted by nikoB (11/07/11 10:48 PM)
sounds like a great first trip! glad you got to spend it with nature, definitely one of the best settings for an experience like this. I also applaud you for taking a responsible dose for your first time. When you're ready, I encourage you to partake again with a higher dose and experience even more of what the mushroom has to offer.