Posted by Mushie23 (11/07/11 05:26 PM)
   I agree, sex on mushrooms is out of this world!  Especially if it's someone you truly care about or Love, your spirits almost connect.  I just need to get my girl to be on them at the same time, but we like to have "a rock" when one or the other is trippin. I don't agree with the E on sex though, still feels fantastic every time. 

   What kinda mushrooms did you take?  3.7 is pretty hefty for one's first time...were they liberty caps?  My large doses usually hover anywhere from 3-4 grams, Stropharia Cubensis though, very potent. 

Great comment by the way treesniper.
Posted by treesniper119 (11/07/11 08:32 AM)
shrroom sex is amazing, life changing, fusing, merging & melting your body into your partners all the while the atmosphere of sex on shrooms can quickly create a tantric energy. IT felt as if raw energy was pulsing through the inside out. So intensely pleasurable that my wife later told me she literally felt like she could have died & left her body in the middle of it. So intense you want it to go on and yet you lomg for the end. Ego destroying sex... thats basically what im describing here.  lol