Posted by PsychonautsLog (11/07/11 05:10 AM)
I have experienced such states also: time frozen to eternity or blasting away faster than light. Well, and everything is as real or unreal as we make it. Conscious creation of coincidence is creativity.
Posted by Shroomanism (11/02/11 07:21 AM)
hah. sounds like a realy nice trip.. the feeling that youve got it all now. you're not even asking questions at that point, youve got all the answers... its all beautifull bliss n shits
then you realise. ..fuck my life, dmt and lsd are not drugs..., ive done something that cant be changed now,by then you have realized that this whole universe is in fact a dream. and that dying. is merely the beggining of an even wilder ride than this physical one your having at the present. and you're talking to GOD peaking on lsd/shrooms/dmt. meanwhile in switzerland. the most intelligent beings on this planet. scientists are spending billions of dollars on a hadron collider that is really  an attempt to divide by zero, create a blackhole, and find god..  
Posted by Mushie23 (11/01/11 07:02 PM)
   I understand what you mean by saying " I was afraid I'd be stuck in this state of consciousness for eternity".  However, mine was on mushrooms, not LSD...not sure how different that would be.  It's a scary feeling to think you may be F'd in the brain, forever.

Maybe it's just me, reading hard trip stories like this gives me a "trip" like state.  Almost like my mind can relate to it and trys to mimic the feel of the story I'm reading.

Great story!