Posted by Par (11/02/11 01:12 AM)

"It is a fact that humanity could achieve heaven on Earth if it wanted to. "
Posted by FreddyBlack (11/01/11 04:43 PM)
Thank you for the kind words! Definitely inspiring for me. I know I am supposed to be journeying and reporting. I hope this is a taste of things to come. I am working on compiling the clues to help that I recognize, if anybody is interested they can message me and I'll send them a link. Thanks!
Posted by Mycoangler (10/27/11 08:46 PM)

This truely is the best trip report I have ever read on here!
Posted by Shroomanism (10/26/11 05:34 AM)
imagine... being ready at 21. ive recieved all those messages in a different fashion...
only different clues for different spirits. 
but they lead to the same place.
 i was there in my bed with that gold fractal god infinite woman entity talking to me.perhaps some kind of shamanic guide.
 i could feel myself move in that place and i was part of the same thing.
thats what i saw with my eyes closed... 
and i was thinking about simulated reality. the fact that we could be in one.then i started thinking about dreams... you never remember how you get there. you just get loaded in halfway in the movie and play. and when you wake up. you can't go back to tell them its a dream right... well in a dream. there is always something. that will happen.something not right. something that makes you go ha! im dreaming.
usualy at the end of the dream
 that thing makes you ''REMEMBER'' that you are in a dream,thats where you go crazy and have sex,start flying etc..and then you wake up. but when you die in a dream. you dont die, you wake up.
WELL.. to my eyes.Magic mushrooms is the Easter egg kind of object.that makes you go hey... the I REMEMBER NOW.

notice how you do not learn things on shrooms. you remember them.

why you and me are not ready. we are not ready to abandon everything we know. our bodies.we are not ready to die. we both have something to do before leaving. both a different thing,as we are both different spirits.

my guide told me there was very little time left. i have to wake up soon. i dont know if this is for everyone. but it is for me. and imagine being 21 years old. with all that on my hands

ive barely started this level and its already time to go.

talk about a shift in consciousness? i think that is the real doomsday. when everyone else realises it....

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Posted by Trubble (10/24/11 02:15 PM)
This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read and it nearly has me in tears. I have experienced many of the same things as you have described (in many ways, with the help of different things and at different times) but would never ever have been able to put it into words, ever. It's inspired me. This is like reading what I wish I could have remembered/ understood or been able to put into a language as simple as our human one. I feel like I know you. I feel like I will document my future experiences and see how I do. Thank you!
Posted by armaximus (10/24/11 12:10 PM)
Greetings...  Very nice report... You have made some very valid points about conventional religion... You are absolutely correct (IMO)! It is good to hear that you broke through some barriers.  The "Shaman" can show us very wonderful things. Especially when it lights the path for us to be centered again. Back to your "core" as you put it. I like the way you were able to retain and articulate  your journey.

You mentioned that you had some negative feelings, but i believe they are necessary to attain enlightenment. We can not move move on without dealing with all aspects of our inner workings..

Cheers Friend!