Posted by dextroacidsoul19 (08/05/13 12:04 AM)
I think you have to be 18 to join the site...
Posted by davidmckenna (08/29/12 05:17 AM)
Some paragraphs would've been nice
Posted by tristianlark (04/05/12 07:09 PM)
Try truffles if you cant find mushrooms.  They contain the saim chemicals, they are easier to get since you can buy them on the internet, and they are a lot more of a smooth trip.
Posted by Snowboarder765 (11/07/11 06:29 PM)
I meant both buying and finding. And since I posted this I've tripped pretty hard on 30x salvia and the point when I was staring up in the trees pretty was very similar to my one of my salvia experiences.
Posted by thedream (10/25/11 01:11 PM)
First off, you have ot be 18 or older to post on this forum, clearly you are not.
C'mon dude, how are you gonna say you were tripping if you've never actually had a" trip" in the traditional sense. By the sounds of it you were really really baked which is somewhat like tripping but no where near it. Wait till you do have your first trip and you will see that it will blow your marijauna "trip" out of the water.
Sounds like you hade a good time nontheless.

You have a lot of research to do my boy, my advice: don't hit the drugs to hard at this point in your life, research here about growing fand come back in a year when you're old enough to post here.
Posted by veryhoudini (10/24/11 04:52 PM)

i mean you're on a website about growing mushrooms, why not take a shot at growing them.  it really sucks buying from people.  alot of times people will try to short me, i always use a scale, or the stuff they have isnt potent, or depending on its growing conditions, itll have mold or bacteria on it, that if you try to eat, will make you stomach hurt.  not to scare you, cause it is probably smarter to atleast try them before investing in something like growing but since i started cultivating, i'll never go back to buying from crooked ass dealers.
Posted by veryhoudini (10/24/11 04:48 PM)

You can't really trip per se.  But theres an extent where you have an increased and out of ordinary state of mind, seeing and hearing in a very different way.  colors and sounds seem brighter.  I smoke oil that is 98% thc that i make at my work's Lab, and yes the first time i over did that, given i smoke every day all day, its pretty much my job, i felt like  iwas hallucinating, and my perception was really off in a bad way.  I actualy got paranoid and behaved very akwardly towards strangers.  now i know that at a point i have to cut myself off on the co2 extract, or else i'll get that high again.  you really can't get that much higher, it just gets more uncomfortable from them on. But I mean i grow about 60 different strains and have tried thc in almost every way possible, and with my tolerance being so high now sometimes ill smoke a bowl of hash and hardly feel high, so your lower tolerance helps get to that state.  also a friend who doesnt smoke anymore ate one of my edibles and almost had the same feeling of being tripping as he put it.  but its nothing like tripping of psychedelics, or even something like robotussin.    you can't really call it tripping if you've tried really things that make you trip. 


what do you mean by finding shrooms?  like buying or picking?