Posted by Urantiaman (10/07/13 10:20 PM)
Wow, very deep and thoughtful post, thanks for sharing!  I can't wait to heal my mind with this wonderful "Teacher Plant"...

Posted by MobBarley (10/19/11 12:51 AM)
Splendid account brother You seem to be having profound experiences, although few, my shroom experiences have mostly been beautiful encounters of blissful states and awesome images both with closed and open eyes. And the feelings....such beauty to be sensed by ones soul... I feel like the fragrance of a rose...Visions of Aztec temples, canyon floors..and the dreams are something else, a strong extraterrestial presence and astral visions. The trip only begins with eating the shrooms, but it doesn't stop there as i am sure you're never the same again<3
Love and Hugs x x x
Posted by sketch077 (10/18/11 03:47 AM)

  So deep and intuitive. I totally feel you! If everyone in the world felt like this it would be so beautiful! You are beautiful and I havent even met or seen you! Keep up the good work!
Posted by Cynosure (10/17/11 07:51 PM)
Excellent report and it sounds like you had a fantastic first experience!

Best of luck to you in your new endeavors.  I hope that you find happiness.