Posted by allseeingike (02/26/12 10:45 AM)
out of curiosity did the pentagon thing they showed you look anything like these ?  or this my wife saw of 5 grams on her last trip four beings where holding it as it rotated and they showed her that everything in the universe is made up of it. also i know what you mean my the communication through feeling which is what i ususally have but i have had a clear voice speak a few times and also hear voices screaming is a weird language a lot
Posted by PINEAPPLEPETE (02/23/12 02:40 AM)
Who cares if the world ends, the people are all fucking stupid and can't be saved no matter how much you try to get them to understand.
Posted by allseeingike (01/13/12 12:40 AM)

very interesting
Posted by Shroomanism (10/16/11 01:20 PM)
KEEP IN MIND: Individuals with their head up in their ass,experiencing the highest level of denial of experience possible to achieve,should be extremely carefull not to shit themselves when tripping, as their head is in their ass.
Posted by Icelandic16 (10/15/11 10:03 PM)
 Keep in mind:Individuals with a family history of schizophrenia or early onset mental illness should be extremely careful because mushrooms have been known to trigger latent psychological and mental problems.(Erowid)

Posted by Shroomanism (10/14/11 09:49 PM)
This is the first place where I find people that understand what im talking about,and the warnings im given sounds like... the physical realm is gone for soon. everything will tear or blow apart.and idk if its only some of us that are shifting into level 2 reality or if its everyone... i think you must accept it to get there. and be evolved spiritualy.ive been reading alot about the bardo thodol recently. and it is hard to focus on daylife activities such as school,work,friends,etc now im trying to figure this up. the fact that all these voices. all these messages,they were real. the fact that mushrooms are ALOT MORE than when im tripping.. i know its all real.. im crying but happy at the same time. 
and i cant help but cry and repeat wow... you fucking with me? common god tell me this is a joke... you have to be trolling me.. you have to.. 
but its all real... and as much as i try to convince myself i was just tripping the morning or a week heart pounds and reminds me. no... you were not tripping. if something being sober is tripping mad fucking sick cubic balls. i  would love to convince myself that im only tripping... during my most intence loop badtrip of my life... those that dont end with time. you must get out of them or it wont stop.i realised something i was thinking about simulated reality. thinking about the fact we could pretty much live in a simulation.and after digging all that up in a trip,ive came up with this idea. we are but a dream. we live in a dream,and some are aware of this. some people in history. did things. that you would only do. if you knew it was a dream. right?and god keeps telling me about waking up. like i should go fuck some epic woman and die like a warrior right now before its to late. sorry if my english is not great im from quebec canada and speak mostly french i think god sent some people to wake us up, some sort of bots. that would show a new limit of the human, 
Posted by Shroomanism (10/14/11 09:45 PM)
im just wondering,.which reality will be gone,ours.both,or theirs.. my bet is that its ours. and we are shifting in their reality?
Posted by TekLogiX (10/14/11 01:23 PM)
I too have had a similar message delivered to me in the same fashion... Terence wasn't involved, but other entities definitely were...  "We are taking back this reality very soon" "We love you SOOO much"...  I'll be in touch with more details when I get more time ...
Posted by Shroomanism (10/13/11 11:18 PM)
i have some kind of theory. 2012 is the end and the restart.that could explain the deja vu. we've all lived it before. and will live it again forever,unless you remove yourself from the loop. it must be done upon realisation.but then again im thinking too far.everything god made me notice.was of such simplicity but at the same time.... you know.its all in our face.everyday

but with one theory like that comes 485 others. im having great fun with my brain right now.. ive realised whats intelligence lol. i am now amazed for such simple things. its ridiculous

i dont think i can read other peoples mind. but heh dont tell me you can't sort of do it too. people wont believe we have this sence. 
call it telepathy,call it intuition. there is something more.perhaps a connection for everything.
Posted by Shroomanism (10/13/11 10:59 PM)
guitar. my first level 5 ever was with a friend.we were not ready for that.. the whole trip seemed like we had realized it all. it was in our hands then this feeling of deja vu,that dream.those thoughts.the word DMT itself. brings a deja vu kind of feeling in my spirit..and since ive been tripping,i dreamed of the end of the world too... always comming from the sky... sometimes a big asteroid or meteor crashing sometimes buildings falling appart for no reason everywhere.. everything goes upside down. sometimes its like a blackhole or some supernova blasting the whole a dream being aware that im in a dream. i found myself in some kind of paradise.floating islands in the sky,and i was on the edge. i looked down. i could see clouds and the top of a mountain like miles down there.... and i said to myself. wow.even in a dream i dont have the courage to jump that. even if i know im gonna wake up and not die. there is ego doesnt want me to die.even in a dream.
Posted by Causality (10/13/11 10:53 PM)
Please brother, read "Remember, Be Here Now" by Ram Dass with an open mind and open heart -- it may be of great service. Love and Light!

Be Here Now: Introduction.pdf

Be Here Now.pdf

Edited 10/14/2011 0:55 AM
Posted by guitardude3 (10/13/11 10:03 PM)
I had the strangest dream last night. I think it is somewhat related. I was hanging out with friends and I was invited to play a new video game console. It was like the Wii or X-box connect except you put on some sort of cap that covered your eyes. I obliged and put on the cap. When I opened my eyes all I could see was the map of this video game, just like "real" life. I would turn around and had an extremely vivid 360 degree view of a fabricated world. I got excited and started jumping side to side, back and forth, ect. I started running and was astonished by the precision of my intended movements within this new "game." Then I got kinda freaked out. I began shouting to my spectator friends, "This is just like reality! Only, I can't feel anything!" I could still feel my real body but it didn't match up with the game. Then I realized that all of life is that way. I've always entertained the idea, and my heart has been telling me this the truth more and more lately. It was SO REAL, I have chills thinking about it. When I trip, doesn't matter what the substance is, I am not scared by the idea. I just wonder why it's so hard for my rational self to accept that notion. I've had dreams about the end of the world as we know it since I started tripping, and I have dejavu constantly. I began to realize that I've either done this before or I am dreaming of the future. It's playing out more clearly every day now. The only dream that hasn't come true yet is total chaos. I'm talking roaming the streets, armed, looking for food. Mass riots, total chaos. I can't let myself become too preoccupied with this though, but it's a heavy weight. I feel more of a transformation every day. It's confusing. I want to finish school because my heart tells me to be there but I know deep down there is something far beyond education I need to be ready for. Anyway, gotta get back to homework. I hope the answers become more clear as time nears. Go ahead and call me crazy for all you doubters, I know better. Good luck. 
Posted by narahs22 (10/13/11 02:40 PM)

ive tripped on DMT a lot and experienced nothing about 2012 but a lot about aliens, a lot of people have similar trips. even if your trip is a correct prediction, what can you do about it? Just enjoy life
Posted by meanbean (10/13/11 12:55 PM)
I am experiencing very similar things my consciousness seems to be expanding rapidly. Although I do not experience talking to dead people the signs of 2012 are getting alot stronger. I first noticed while sober that when you draw lines from your eyes to your minds eye it creates a pyramid that made me think that's why there's an eye on top of the pyramid on the dollar bill. Once I realized this I started noticing triangles every where I wasn't hallucinating them they were really there and i could point them out to anyone. I then started doodling with triangles and accidentally created something similar to the star of David this is all very eerie, your words relate to what im going through alot. I cant get that symbol out of my mind now it means something very powerful.
Posted by gandalfe (10/13/11 12:16 PM)
A lot of us are given messages concerning 2012 and the coming changes.The most important information I can give you is , forget about 2012 but concentrate on the energy of right now..the changes are happening as we speak, and if you want to get on board with these energies, then align yourself every day with them.The ancient Mayans knew about the area of space we would be traveling through at this time.We are entering the photon belt and the energies are going to amp up big time, from now till 2012 dec.21.It would take me hours to try and explain how Mayan cosmology works, but it is pure genius how they utilized mathematics, to describe the evolution of human and galactic consciousness, through their long count calendar.My best advice is to keep tuning into your inner voice, and  don't be dismayed that others can't understand this stuff.Not everyone is slated to go through this shift into a higher frequency reality.Read everything you can from Carl Calleman.[He deciphered the Mayan sun stone], and his emissary, the late and highly missed,  Ian Lumgold.Watch some of Ian's lectures on Youtube You are not alone, as there are thousands of us that are intimately aware of the vast changes in store for humanity.The mushrooms talk to many of us, and the higher frequency we keep our consciousness, the more clearly they relay this ancient knowledge to us.Meditate daily to keep your energies clear, and ask[silently during meditation] to align to all the new incoming energies..meditate before, during, and after your Mushroom trips to hold your sacred space, and keep the incoming knowledge pure.this is the proper shamanic way to trip, and many of us forget that.
Posted by Shroomanism (10/13/11 03:51 AM)
ive never ever had.smoked dmt in my life.
but il pretty much advance that its the exact same thing when you breaktrough...
you go in that dome. 
visuals become real,you are now on their are bizzare in their universe as much as they are in yours.
when i do shrooms i eat them.i feel the euphoria. brain knows there here
,i will trip on a movie or on some music for about 2 hours or so until my mind becomes alot more entertaining than any movie or music you could listen to. 
and then the real trip begins.. 
but i can spot the ultimate peak where the dmt hits you riiight in and it lasts about 15 minutes .
its like a fucking universe big bang fractal cannon warphole where you are one with everything. the fucking point where everything connects.imagine an orgasm, no actualy imagine feeling every bit of orgasm that ever existed. but every bit of despair and pain there ever was,,, and then the whole mushroom trip goes down about 8 times the speed it came on

i do all my shroom trips in total darkness of my room laying down in my bed with my laptop around.