Posted by schuey (10/13/11 10:51 AM)
Don't tell yourself you can't control it.  "Facing his fears (he could not control the bad trip so he let it take him over)" This is not facing your fears, this is succumbing to them. If you are having a bad time, just stay calm and tell yourself you are on drugs and focus on the fact that you will be feeling sober again eventually. Always have headphones ready with your favorite music, and start listening to it as soon as you feel upset. I feel as though you had a bad trip because you knew you were going to have to go to work, and you were worried because your father told you not to. I think taking a hike and trying it again with your experienced friend is a fantastic idea, but I would also consider taking one hit and then maybe another if you are feeling it.

Also, I second the SWIM thing
Posted by micols (10/13/11 08:03 AM)
Agree, swim is annoying.

hahaha 500mics each hit... NOT - you'd be very lucky if it was 100-120ug each (even if dripped from a bottle), the experience can still be intense on 2-400ug though , I had mindloops for hours on 3-400ug where I would see fire/people with gasmasks in the wall/radioactive sign and believed I was dead and never going to recover and thought of suicide and other really crappy thoughts on the comedown suddenly (then I put on music and it turned around).

I wasn't able to register any signals from the outside (didn't hear what people said in the room) - I was on an inner travel which would come and go every x minutes for what felt for a very long time - each time I would lose contact with the real world completely on that dose.

there are no 500mics lsd around, you can get 500mics dragonfly however and trip for 48hours - but since you peaked only 5 hours it was likely lsd.

normal hits are 40-60ug nowadays... you don't find blotters with more than 180ug on them and they degrade quickly - so don't believe anyone who say it is more than i.e. 120-150ug.

I don't think you can fit 500ug lsd on a normal 1/4" blotter, but if you could, you are not going to find it...

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Posted by HardTrippin (10/11/11 10:13 PM)
Not trying to be an asshole here but i think more people would read your trip report if you hadn't referred to yourself as SWIM. This aint Drugs Forum and it's not necessary around here.