Posted by armaximus (10/19/11 06:24 AM)
Sounds like the fear within was purging... One should embrace the emotions that flow out. As your vibrational frequency changes it will go through a wave length spectrum that could cause fear. This is a low frequency. 

My biggest triumph was to learn NOT to fight the effects. As your ego dissolves and the boundary filters give way, hand yourself over completely and your higher self will take care of you... 

Posted by Mushie23 (10/09/11 01:48 PM)
   Sadly, you had to learn the hard way that the all mighty mushroom is no joke.  Easily strong enough to make one think...well, like you said "I was afraid I was going to die".

Good call on lowering the dose next time, perhaps you'll make it to the land of Euphoria since you have a respect for them now:)