Posted by Swkz93 (07/10/13 09:14 AM)
Hate to rain on your parade, but if it tastes funny, it's not really LSD; it's most likely a research chemical.
Posted by Perceive_The_Doors (02/10/12 02:18 AM)
Love Animal Collective and Panda Bear man! Always part of my tripping playlist
Posted by Shpongle1 (10/06/11 03:11 PM)
I will admit I didn't really the whole thing but I laughed out loud a couple times.  Sounds like a good ass time.
Skating while tripping is fun as hell, and I'm not that good.  I recommend you go see Animal Collective live
if you get the chance.  Second time I ever did acid I was at an outdoor Animal Collective show.  Good times!