Posted by micols (10/12/11 10:02 AM)
really nice drawing, you should have spent 1minute on improving the contrast in photoshop/gimp , then it would be much easier to see! and the grey pencils would get completely black, much easier to see...
Posted by jimb (09/13/11 01:17 AM)
Looks like satan was giving you a show....

To the right it looks like you have drawn a image of none other than the devil...

Posted by PsYLoW (09/11/11 02:40 PM)
I can't describe what I see, but it's not that detailed as yours, I see vortexes and stuff if you can call it that.. :]
Posted by Psilly Rabbit (09/10/11 06:38 PM)
Something like this, but not quite
Posted by SleepyE (09/10/11 02:59 PM)
Im glad you can relate it to your own experiences.. Im trying to capture the alien/weirdness and chaos that i experience in my trips/subconscious.

If your interested, this one was inspired by a trip where i was watching some strange box shaped entity with diamond shaped eyes and it was Waltz'ing around my vision and it moved with such elegance, it was good dancing.. and then suddenly it opened it's umm "cape" and inside the opened cape was a weird looking door that opened and out came little toys with symbols and DOZEN of weirdlooking low-dimensional looking gnomes and they were holding little fans and stuff running towards me..

it was obviously a very strange experience and you can see why i had to draw it.... LOL
Posted by Oohway (09/10/11 12:59 PM)
Honestly, that is quite beautiful. I agree its a beautiful mess, but not in a bad way at all. To tell the truth I'm very impressed because that is one of the best drafts of a DMT vision I have ever seen on paper, at least relevant to my own experiencesa
Posted by narahs22 (09/10/11 10:13 AM)
i deffinantly dont see that! i want your trips
Posted by sonoffox (09/10/11 09:38 AM)
"Looks like a beautiful mess." Isn't that the definition of human existence? That's some sweet draftsmanship, but why not a scan?
Posted by Mushie23 (09/10/11 09:35 AM)
   I personally haven't seen that, but guarantee you're not the only one.  I've seen drawings of similar designs from people that were trying to show what they saw on DMT.

   Look it up on here, the drawing you did is damn near identical to the ones I've seen.
Posted by zZZz (09/09/11 10:57 PM)
Looks like a beautiful mess. Thats a compliment.

Edited 9/9/2011 9:56 PM
Posted by LayinUp (09/08/11 03:20 PM)
I sure as hell don't see that!
Posted by SleepyE (09/08/11 02:49 PM)

youre too kind :)

Edited 9/8/2011 4:47 PM
Posted by Brettocks (09/08/11 02:44 PM)
That is unbelievably amazing.