Posted by Cudder (09/01/11 07:29 PM)

I'm glad you got something good out of them... This sounds like a wonderful night. :)
Posted by fungivore (09/01/11 05:25 PM)
"Although I had plans on bathing in the nude with 3 girls that night, I immediately knew I would rather have that night to bond with my brother. So i called off my plans with the girls"

wtf is wrong with you?
Posted by LayinUp (08/31/11 12:36 PM)
good job
Posted by TrippyNinja (08/29/11 08:08 PM)
Very good report, i enjoyed reading it. At first, when you mentioned you passed up the opportunity to take a naked bath with 3 girls i started asking myself if you was completely crazy. But by the end of the report it was very clear you made the right choice.  Glad you had a fun time witnessing the other dimensions.
One question: How many grams did you take?  
Posted by laughingcow (08/28/11 09:43 PM)

I too