Posted by liberty hunter (08/29/11 09:18 AM)
I seriously can't think of anything more stupid then picking unidentified mushrooms and giving them to other people.  In your post you said you were using them as "lab rats".  Sorry you just come across as a total cunt.   
Posted by Icelandic16 (08/27/11 02:10 PM)
Btw we were total idiots back then!  
Posted by Icelandic16 (08/27/11 02:08 PM)
in Iceland there is actually only 1 poison mushroom and we knew what it looked like, i also made it very clear to my friends or buddy's that i wasn't sure what mushroom it was but they just didn't care and yes it was stupid of me to let them eat it and also very stupid of them to eat it but as i said i knew nothing about this back then so - liberty hunter don't over react on something you know nothing about you pussy.
Posted by liberty hunter (08/27/11 09:39 AM)
You give people unidentified mushrooms?  You are a fucking cunt.  If they got poisoned I hope they would have reported your dumb ass then have you go to jail  and raped violently over and over in the showers.  Once again CUNT.
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Posted by asdfasdf (08/27/11 01:52 AM)
You and your friends sound like idiots