Posted by HardTrippin (08/09/11 05:32 PM)
Nice report. Next time if you take that much if the trip starts going south try and me, your world will be blown and you will fend off the negative side effects of insanity...actually meditate even if your trip is going well. I have yet to find a way to trip myself out harder or remain calm under heroic doses of shrooms or cid.
Posted by Aldebaran (08/08/11 04:06 PM)
[quote]3D shapes and geometrical figures were floating in front of and around me, they all seemed to be in their own dimension[/quote]

[quote]I thought I had died, was this reality or was I dead or in a dream is everything I know a lie? what was this?[/quote]

Aaahhh..........the joys of a high-dose mushroom trip!