Posted by All Natural (08/04/11 09:19 PM)
yea i know i just took a tolerance break. my bad next post i want be to stoned
Posted by Mushie23 (08/04/11 05:59 PM)
   Damn, I know you were baked when typing, but that was tough to follow at some points.

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Posted by All Natural (08/04/11 01:19 PM)
Yea i meant to put it at like 3 but i messed up
Posted by SleepyE (08/04/11 11:48 AM)

Sounds like a good time but in my opinion that really does not sound like a "Level 5" trip, those are usually out of body and very DMT-like experiences..

this is probably more like Level 3     :S

good vibes though, :)
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