Posted by Mushie23 (08/03/11 05:20 PM)
    It was your first trip ever, I doubt you'll learn much from it, it's usually a mind f*ck the first time anyway.  It seems, however, that you learned one thing, respect the mushies.  This trip seems to have given you an understanding about how strong they are and what they can do.  It gets better and better, trust me:)
Posted by llevitron (08/02/11 09:32 AM)
Well, they say all "bad trips" can be seen as good trips; even seen as trips you learn the most from. Maybe keep thinking about it? Our maybe find another 2 grams and see if you can understand things further?

I'm not always able to take away meaning from every trip I have.... Sometimes it even takes me a month before I figured out what happened. Just keep thinking about it, maybe... It sounds like, at least, when you ruined those guys' bonfire, you're mind took that negative thought too seriously and started the downward spiral... That is how bad trips start. A bad thought. It's just as easy to STOP, think about something else and BE HAPPY! You'll learn to control the mind.... no worries....

And, as I said, trip again... Maybe this time with a friend or someone you're very close with? It can show you the more positive aspect of things and the importance of having a good time/being happy.