Posted by TheInternetPolice (02/28/15 05:52 AM)
total n00b at these things, only tried 0.55g shrooms with weed, some MDMA with MDA in it and salvia a few times.. kinda looking forward to badtripping one day, seems like people get most out of it, it really knocks their minds around giving new perspectives.. there would be no sweet without sour, you know..
Posted by JohnnyZebra (03/13/12 03:40 PM)
sounds like a pretty moderate trip.. i know that feeling of sheer awkwardness too! like at party's which your story begins, its so odd.. the different groups of kids doing different things. theres the 'abnoxious guy' the 'weird guy' .. 'the guy thats too wasted' .. 'the horney chick' you put labels on everything and try to understand why it is the way that they are, and why they're being called this in your head. clouded with endless thoughts and confusion it gets overwheming and you just need to get outta there like you did. lol.