Posted by MikeBearPig (12/10/14 02:07 AM)
I love your experience.  I want to do this so bad and I have everything I need but a Mg scale.

Posted by BluntsenBurner (11/26/14 01:41 AM)
I've only smoked so far and I hate that burnt plastic taste, I really wanna try this now!
Posted by SleepyE (10/03/14 10:01 PM)
yep probably around a hundred times id bet by now.

thanks for the read!
Posted by dwnlw2slw (09/10/14 08:48 AM)
Nice! Awesome that you remember it to that extent. I think many people who somehow aren't ready for the psychedelic experience will forget it more easily. I love hearing about people's psychedelic experiences...maybe a bit too much, m/ hehe...anyway, I was also suspecting that all psychedelics lead to dmt, and as it turns out psylocybin's molecular structure is similar to dmt's; it wouldn't surprise me to find out the same about mescalin. I have to try this method you've described. I've smoked dmt once years ago but not yet orally with an maoi like you did. Have you also smoked it?
Posted by Blazer420 (07/06/13 03:35 AM)
Sounds like you had a blast! :D
Posted by narahs22 (01/04/12 05:09 PM)

very interesting