Posted by Smidgeon (07/30/13 11:01 PM)
great report.... 
Posted by Aldebaran (07/25/11 01:16 PM)
Thanks for that report! I like the descriptions of "seeing with my eyes closed" , free-falling and the geometrical CEV....

I visit Holland a few times each year, and I really enjoy my trips with sclerotia when I am there. It's good to read about someone else's experience with this stuff.

I find that the potency can sometimes vary quite a lot with sclerotia, so that the trip can be stronger or weaker than you expect (even if it's the same dose of the same brand you had before).

Chopping the sclerotia and making tea with it  would make the trip come on faster, like you describe. Also the lemon juice thing will have the famous "lemon tek" effect - faster, harder, shorter.