Posted by madpixies (07/27/11 05:11 PM)

Hey sounds good man, seems like you learnt a good deal. In my opinion learning things from psychedelic trips is by far the most awesome and precious reason to do em. (Just from where im standing tho and of course everyone has their own reasons) My first few trips i was the same as you - wanting to see visuals and colours, warping walls etc.. My first few times i couldnt get many open eye visuals but got hellishly loud auditory sound and body sensations (i find the auditory quite uncomfortable personally, and dont enjoy it too much).  A few times in, i tripped in a field and bang had my first full on open eye visuals, trees flickering, shimmering and dancing, rainbow colours, warping and sinking into the ground, breathing walls etc.. It was amazing, great fun and entertaining and a beautiful experience of the psychedelic, however my experience a few hours later coming down was profound and filled with clear insight into life and that was way better than any trippy visuals (again for me).  So i've come to realise that while the trippy side of shrooms are amazing the most profound thing about a trip is what you learn from it :). Seems like you learnt a lot.  Again it depends on what you want to take from a trip.  My experience is that every trip is unique and each time is different, just let go and let the trip be what it wants to be.  Perhaps next time you will have the visual encounter you are looking for.


Warmest wishes..


Posted by Cyanicist (07/21/11 09:07 PM)
Seems you learned a lot... Enough key points anyway (i.e. taking care of yourself more, an awareness of your dog as a fellow conscious being, etc.)... If you want to get deeeeper into it and have more visuals, learn more things, I suggest staying in your room most of the time or something... Even laying in your bes most of the time.... Turn off the lights, lie in bed and close your eyes. You'll be surprised.