Posted by T.rrrrrrrriper (08/10/11 05:30 PM)

Drugs school dont mix well for me anymore. In my school you get 2 chances, if you get caught once you get excludeded for a week if you get caught again you get kicked out. I got caught with a bit of weed at school now its pritty hard to get stonned in school without getting caught its gay.
Posted by mrtokesmoke (08/08/11 10:45 PM)
dam i always thought rollin in school would be weird as fuck
Posted by psuedotsuga (07/04/11 10:29 PM)
Glad you made it through, I am always weary of being confined in any institution when using strong entheogens. May you grow prosperous and wise!
Posted by Entheogenia (07/04/11 05:24 PM)
Good story. :-)