Posted by tripper5 (07/03/11 10:50 PM)
yea I wasn't going to do 4 grams at first I started out eating 2 grams, but after 10 minutes I decided to eat another 2
Posted by Mushie23 (07/03/11 02:23 PM)
   Great story, but I do find it funny your friend suggested a small dose and you pop 4 grams.  4 grams is much more than a normal "low" dose, I would consider that a strong dose, depending on the potency/type of mushies you had...sounds like a good time.
Posted by Synthettek (06/30/11 11:51 AM)
Sounds like a good first trip.
Posted by tripper5 (06/30/11 11:43 AM)
anyone ever had anything similar to this?