Posted by acidlover123 (07/28/11 09:33 AM)
The bed was trying to eat him. LMAO
Posted by HardTrippin (06/26/11 02:58 PM)
I ate 13 grams of shrooms once. I never did anything stupid but it was the worst trip of my life. I was in the forest and when it got too intense everything started to look evil and I started vomiting. I threw up about 20 times and just laid on the ground repeating "kill me" for what seemed like days. Never again. As the other comment stated, please rethink the half o thing. If this was your first heavy shroom experience you should maybe do a quarter next time or something.
Posted by zZZz (06/25/11 10:05 PM)
good story!

"For my next trip i'm planning to eat half an ounce this october at knotts scary farm! "

please! rethink this..