Posted by emd611 (08/01/11 10:43 PM)
It was most likely Bromo Dragon-fly. Acid is supposed to last up to 8 hours. This was most definitively an experimental drug or chemical. 
Posted by Gibson33 (06/07/11 09:59 PM)
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Posted by SurReality (06/07/11 09:32 PM)
my bet is that is a DOx chem... they can last 24 hours. i'm guessing you mean paper "blotter" hits by tab, or was it a powder in a plastic tablet? because if it was DOx on paper it would have tasted bitter, and if you ever get underhanded drugs in tablets that your unsure of its probably best to open the tablet and taste it... genuine LSD has no taste (unless its mixed with flavor like liquid mints but blotter usually have no added flavoring)
Posted by VTtripper (06/07/11 06:19 PM)
How did the tab taste? Was it bitter? If it was bitter you can assume it was some type of DoX or possibly even Bromo-Dragonfly. I think the cases of Bromo-Dragonfly are pretty few and far apart, but I guess it's possible.

Also, how sure are you that the cap that you were given was mdma. It could have very well been mdma something else or not even mdma.

One things for sure, most likely was not acid. 24 hours even when combining LSD and MDMA is unheard of, I believe.
Posted by ScottESunshine (06/07/11 05:05 PM)
If you take the same drug as a friend and they feel it, the risk of ODing like this (I use OD from a non-medical standpoint) is far too great to 'just decide' your tab was bad, enough to take an even larger dose of MDMA. Candy-flipping is no joke, and most people's first bad trips occur on their first occasions with mixing psychedelics. The two act almost as catalysts of each other, and provide certainly more than double the effects despite it being 'only' double the amount of different substances. Know yourself, your drug, and your source. If I wanted to achieve the same effect as taking a quarter of Cubenses, I'd start with a gram of mushrooms and a tab until i figured myself out. if i wanted to achieve the same effect as two tripple stacks of E, I'd start with probably a quarter of a Purple Star with my tab, and continue to take more MDMA if I felt comfortable. I would ask your friend how they felt throughout that night, and compare it with the real proven effects of LSD. is the only drug encyclopedia source on the internet I've find completely reliable. Good luck with your court date.
Posted by 2jew4u (06/07/11 02:06 PM)
Sounds like that Bromo dragon shit-  sux u went home had to go to the hospital- etc
Posted by Mycjunky (06/07/11 01:49 PM)
Definitely not LSD sounds like a DoX possibly. I say this because it took over an hour to start working which is a big give away, and it lasted way to long. Not acid, don't let it scare you away from the real thing just make sure next time you don't take it so willy nilly and only take something after it's either been tested or an experienced friend has test dosed it.
Posted by Synthettek (06/07/11 10:30 AM)
It most likely was NOT genuine LSD.