Posted by finn the human12 (02/12/13 04:15 PM)
 i'm not sure as to whether or not i could offer you any advice, the only thing i could say is do the same (or even different) drug and intend to go very deeply into yourself and intend to allow yourself to put it into words (so you can put it on paper), but i'm very sorry to hear how much of an ass-hole your step father is, my step father is a cruel hateful dick, who emotionally attacked me for 5 years of my life, but just know you are perfect and that you may not remember what you discovered now, but it IS inside of you right now as we speak (or write i guess?) our "trips" (or dreams/nightmares) are messages from our brain of our memories that have been supressed (or parts of our suppressed memories) that our brain is trying to remind us of because its something that (whether we know it or not) has shaped who we were and who we are now. when we hallucinate (either dreaming or tripping) our minds will see things and normally we would percieve them as what they are, but instead (since your hallucinating) you perceive it as what you mind creates and manifests accordingly to (ALL) of our memories and emotions that make us who we are and will be. this is why our "set" (who we are) is vital to our "setting"  while  tripping, because our "sets" will perceive what our settings are, and sometimes our "sets" will try to understand and comprehend what our settings are by enhancing them and paying close attention to them. also, amazing trip report thankyou for sumbitting your contribution!!!!

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Posted by CosmicGnome (06/15/11 12:51 PM)
Lol. Would you have preferred I put bright text and shiny pictures too?
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Nearly impossible to read. HITT ENTUR MOAR!!!

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Posted by Psicodelico (06/05/11 09:27 PM)
Good insights brother. Curiously, I have similar thoughts not only while tripping but during sober states of deep reflection. The global awakening process is indeed occurring and those who understand that only light defeats darkness have the duty to project these thoughts on others. Well written report.