Posted by malevolence (05/22/11 12:39 PM)
Agreed. It sounds crazy intense but I would never do that. There's so much more stuff you could get into that wouldn't murder cells like the Crusades.
Posted by argg (05/17/11 09:17 AM)
Nice trip report. Love to see others trials with stuff I would not try to get an idea of what happens.
Posted by Zangarmarsh (05/16/11 05:19 PM)

Hey guys! I wanna write about my first time shooting myself in the face to get high! that's cool right?  all the loss of blood really had me tripping balls! I thot I wasagonna die Oo fucktard much?
Posted by drewdub (05/16/11 03:13 AM)
Jesus kid; Might as well syphon gas from your local parked cars and resell it. That way you dont leave yourself open to being called a dummy.
Posted by bumello_dog (05/15/11 10:31 PM)
Holy FUcking Shit thats wack
Posted by Soluminia (05/15/11 07:30 PM)
come on man dont be huffing gas. if you really wanted to trip but had nothing just go to walmart and buy benadryl 
Posted by Sagerox99 (05/15/11 06:58 PM)

@Buckeye Oysters


There was no NOTICABLE brain damage.  I do realize that some damage may have occurred, but it's unnoticable.

Posted by Buckeye Oysters (05/15/11 04:48 PM)
How would you know if you had brain damage or not?  Inhalents kill your cells homogeneously throughout the body so you probably increased your risk of cancer and other disease a few percentage points.