Posted by pe4nut (06/13/11 11:51 PM)
Where did the trip report go? Why was it removed, anyone know?
Posted by malevolence (05/22/11 01:52 PM)
Chills. I hope I can have an experience this powerful but not as scary. Thanks for sharing this.
Posted by takethehits (05/22/11 03:37 AM)
I did do plenty more after this experience.  I could have looked at it in a way that would scare me, or I could embrace and face the challenge head on.  My other trips have been more controlled, and I don't use it to go have fun, but to explore my mind and figure somethings out on a different level of consciousness.  
Posted by Mad River (05/21/11 09:28 PM)
Thanks for sharing, man. That was intense.
Posted by LuckOfTheFryish (05/21/11 10:55 AM)
are you going to do more anytime in the future? or did this experience discourage you from mushrooms?
Posted by Mushie23 (05/17/11 03:56 PM)
 Good story.  Sadly, you got ripped on the price, but no biggy.  Lol, i don't know if you're "lucky to be here today", you can't od on mushies...but they will take you on a trip you never expected, just as you experienced.
Posted by shiggedyshwa (05/16/11 11:57 PM)
Good story, it's great to hear that you came out of it, and even better to see that you learned so much from it. I've seen plenty of people just go the opposite way in bad situations. It shows that you have a strong willpower to pull yourself out of that, I enjoyed reading this
Posted by ChronicSmoke (05/16/11 08:20 PM)
Wow, what a report I am glad you eventually had a good time.
Posted by explosivekush (05/16/11 05:36 PM)

shriooms are usually 5$ a g
Posted by goldenboyinthesea (05/15/11 04:59 PM)

Hey man don't apologize for making the post long. I love long, detailed trip reports! So damn facinating! I'm tripping this week at some point....hopefully I'll have a great report for all ya'll. But great job on this report man, its awesome. Longer trip reports are better in my opinion. I love reading the indepth detailed ones.
Posted by djr2150 (05/15/11 02:18 PM)
I really liked reading this! I'm glad your journey led you to see the world in a new light. I feel like that is the true purpose of psychedelics. I'm sure most of us here at the shroomery have dosed in a bad setting before and freaked out, but like you said, thats all part of the learning experience! I'm sure if you decide to return to psychedelics you'll be more considerate of set, setting, and dosage in the future haha ;)
Posted by takethehits (05/15/11 11:21 AM)
Haha yeah, lesson learned.  I guess I was too anxious and excited to trip again.

I was able to keep my cool because my friends and I used to grab hotel rooms and chill in private, and I felt like that would be keep me safe, but I had no idea that it was just the beginning of this trip!
Posted by doulovebeef (05/15/11 08:13 AM)
get some scales dude. i mean for your safety.

eating unknown amounts of shroomage can be dangerous, especially for a n00b.

peace, love, and light.
Posted by blazenn (05/14/11 03:31 PM)
that was an amazing trip report! lol i can't believe you were able to hold your composure well enough to make it to the hotel and rent a room without losing it. 
sounds like you had a great time considering. i gotta say, as freaky as it gets, i fucking love how mindblowing the effects of a high dose of mushrooms can be.

Edited 5/14/2011 2:32 PM