Posted by shiggedyshwa (05/17/11 12:26 AM)
Yes, nature.
And a note on the bad trip, it can come from a number of reasons. Mostly just because of higher dosage, but I have been with friends who have had a horrible trip from lower dosage (higher dosage being >5g [dried] and lower dosage being ~2g).  The main thing is that these things can bring back subconscious thoughts that you may have been supressing for a long time.  Some people don't have these types of thoughts.  I won't go on too long, but as you get older you will see how things could hypothetically go wrong.  You may just be one of the types who doesn't have the bad things happen to you because you just have a more positive outlook on things (that is a great trait).  Although there are so many reasons that I can't describe, these aforementioned reasons are a few. 
A word of advice for you, just don't do 'em too often and keep the good outlook on life.  You, personally, may not be able to have a bad trip, but others can.  I once felt the same way, and I learned over time how everyone is different, and that our minds all work in different ways.  My personal opinion is that we can use these mushrooms to help us use our minds in a similar manner to achieve something greater (which has been done before, it is just irritating when people abuse these precious gems just to "escape this horrible life" instead of enhance it)
The last piece of advice is, try staying outside next time a little longer if you can.  You may connect with the world in ways you never thought possible
Posted by bleedblaqk (05/12/11 04:59 PM)
pescadorabioso : Haha, innocent. Kay. Yeah, I'm not gonna do them that often.

dizzyease : Thanks :) that means a lot. Perhaps I should leave out that detail.. xD 
Posted by pescadorabioso (05/10/11 04:44 PM)
" I don't think you can have a bad trip".... yes you can. Your mind is too innocent since you're so young, but be wary of the power of the sacred mushrooms.
Posted by dizzyease (05/09/11 08:45 PM)
Sounds like you had an amazing time. Although you need to be 18 to use the forums, you seem like you know what your doing, and your not "just getin fuked up ".
I'm kind of proud of you, in a sense. Not gonna hassle you about it.
Nature really is beautiful, just we overlook it so often.