Posted by Wooden Spoon (07/17/11 07:30 AM)

Awsome read man, i have heard many people talk about disease like this, its actuly very common in shamanism, the witch doctor will always try and find a mental/spiritual root to the disease to try and cure it
Posted by nzfractaleyes (06/08/11 07:25 AM)
Very awesome. I highly suggest reading "The God Code" by Gregg Braden. He talks pretty much exactly about what you are referring to, and also talks about rewriting your DNA with thought. The theory basically is that DNA, and all life, is holographic. Holograms are a large image made up of a large amount of small images, all the same as each other, and the same as the large image. If you change one part of one small image, it changes all of them and the whole. The same is possible with DNA, we just need to figure out how to access it... (psychedelics, meditation, etc).

--It's possible I've got this book and another one combined, The God Code is definitely worth reading and does talk about this subject, but I have a feeling I read it somewhere else as well.

May your journeys be enlightening
Posted by tanman1990 (05/14/11 09:24 PM)
Very deep man, a good read and a story that deserves some thinking about
Posted by its0kay (05/13/11 11:34 AM)
good report, bro. this has given me alot to think about.
Posted by Surrealilty (05/10/11 09:40 PM)
haha wow. remarkably it makes so much sense. plus the girls giggling must have been loads of fun