Posted by Smidgeon (07/30/13 11:19 PM)
I had trips about God also, but I had knowledge while I was tripping that this was simply an experience and didn't attribute it to god being real. The trip involved the exact same thing you talked about, except in the form of hallucinations. It was that a demon named Belial who I had invoked by saying its name, caused everything to be a lie, like in hholliwood,  and then I thought all truth was the lie also, but then I thought, NO i cant let  the lying demon get to me, and I am a man of god etc.  . . . . however after thinking im a man of god I started tripping to how people have gone on religious crusades with the same idea, they think god empowers everything they do and they are eternally protected by the power and protection of god and have eternity spared in heaven to carry out " his" bidding... except there is no "HE", it's an invention of man, and man uses this delusion to justify or explain everything in the world, including his own actions...  Anyway, when I became the Man of God I then thought I could do anything.. including rape and pillage (but I knew it was only a trip, not real, so i didnt become delusional but was simply able to experience that state of mind)
Posted by nuckles101 (05/04/11 09:18 AM)
some people have had very similar experiences. people all over the world have noticed the strong influences from tripping and spirituality. In some peoples opinion it definitely opens the strong eye(third eye). often it can be great to trip to ponder on situations that are causing conflict. this almost always find an answer after tripping n meditation. some people would say the strong body sensations you are feeling is your chakras opening up. i encourage any one to explore spirituality in every situation possible in life. i dislike it when people add a stigmatism to "bad feelings" i.e. sad, anger ect. ect.. A its unrealistic to not feel those feelings B if we all were happy all the time rolling in laughter we would never know this sensation is anything positive and it would just be neutral. because we all know the other forces such as sadness, enables us to truly utilize other feelings such as happiness. the fact that all feelings ca  change ones reality is pretty kool in itself. otherwise the world would be a very boring place and very neutral or nothingness.C often those individuals that only seek positive feelings are trying to get out of situation in life that are in there face IE running away from your problems. inevitably if any one trips enough times they will find "god" regardless of what religion or spirituality they may or may not fallow.

By "god" i mean and not limited to, gods n goddesses, any force greater then yourself, limitless forces that are in and of everything, the force that connects possibility physical consciousness with possibility unphysical consciousness (quantum physics), limitless other terms n possibilities

eventually you can train the mind without other substances to trip. some forms of this is called scrying or looking into the future through water or crystal ball. others can do this simply by spacing out. some people take hallucigenics not even for the visualize as much as for the mindset.