Posted by h3mpmast3r420 (07/02/11 11:32 PM)
even if it was real DMT you definitely consumed it incorrectly
you don't smoke it you vaporize it, and putting it on top of a bowl isn't going to do shit you have to layer it like a weed-dmt-weed sandwich, if the crystals catch on fire at all you're fucked because you completely wasted it
and yes only 10-15 minutes at best

Edited 7/3/2011 1:33 AM
Posted by jacobybryant (05/28/11 10:02 PM)
@ Scherry_4

You are stupid. DMT lasts for 2-5 minutes and causes the user to lose touch with reality completely, giving time no meaning. A DMT experience can feel like hours but in reality it is only a few minutes.
Posted by scherry_4 (05/19/11 03:17 PM)
Dude either your a liar or it wasnt real DMT, or it was shit cause real DMT causes you to have coma like syptoms for hours and you dont even know whats going on around you sorry to tell you but you or your friends are fuckin retards