Posted by Entheogenia (08/02/11 05:12 AM)
Grateful Dead is much more better than psychedelic trance on a mushroom trip.
Posted by Daramgeee (06/02/11 01:22 AM)
I haven't tried mushrooms yet, but as I speak my bro is growing them. I have about 6 or 7 days before they are ready to harvest, but as I am waiting I am preparing slowly. I find that a lot of people like calm and soothing music while on shrooms making the surrounding feel less chaotic. So I have made a few playlists in order to find my preferences during a trip. One thing for sure is that you have taken way too much, and to top that off with misfortune, it was also your first time!! My bro plans on 4 grams while I am going for 3 - 3.5 grams. It seems like you didn't prepare enough and that caused you to have this mental battle resulting in a bad trip. Also I plan on tripping at my house in order to be safe and not have to worry about driving, meeting people that I don't want to, and opening up my mind at my own comfort level. So I hope that you take this experience into mind, and if you take another dose, that you prepare carefully. I'm glad your safe though because driving is something that I would have considered a no-go! Also I understand that you don't want to try them again, but I aim to reach that experience where people have rated their trip one of the greatest experiences in their life! Good luck to you if you change your mind and try shrooms again. ;)
Posted by tanman1990 (04/14/11 01:48 AM)
You should consider them again at half that dosage, in a private place where you can enjoy some nature. Daytime near a garden works
Posted by cv2497 (04/05/11 09:45 PM)

bad decisions = bad trip. Way to much, public place, driving, no preparation. Sticky this and change title to "How to have a bad trip"
Posted by Mystery420 (04/02/11 07:10 AM)
dude mushrooms are not something to be taken lightly and 7g for your first trip is  stupid. They need to be respected. I hope you try them again but at a lower dose so you can enjoy them fully
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