Posted by benadryl (03/10/13 11:01 PM)
benadryl is the is a tip tho.   never ever do it around someone u dont want to know ur tripping.  and dont judge this guy ppl... damn.   if u do benadryl everyday for 3 to 5 months then u start getting liver problems n shit
Posted by jackdaniels (05/26/11 08:17 AM)
Jesus man, DONT DO BEDNADRYL. You will SERIOUSLY fuck yourself up. I had a horrible benadryl trip a long time ago that terrified me into sobriety. I still can't listen to the Black Eyed Peas' "Imma Be" cause I associate it with the most horrible drunken paranoid schizophrenic experiences. It seriously just makes you hallucinate because it fucking poisens you. Don't FUCKING take benadryl to trip, acid or shrooms aren't going to send you to the ER for slowed heartrate and don't fuck with your liver and AT LEAST you can have a good trip. For real, benadryl is still legal because NOBODY USES IT AND ENJOYS IT.
Posted by Johney (04/11/11 03:04 PM)
lmfao your kidneys are gonna be burnt the fuck up if you keep experimenting with OTC drugs in that large of doses!!!

seriously though stop stealing OTC drugs and get a fucking job to support your sad lifestyle
Posted by mikehauncho (04/02/11 11:19 PM)
ya... get some real drugs...
Posted by TheShroomNinja (04/01/11 04:06 PM)
dont fuck with that stuff