Posted by msz530 (02/09/12 12:06 AM)
what hardcore bands do you listen to? ;)
Posted by Omnil (04/07/11 01:10 PM)

its not letting me post it 0_0 i talked to a guy and he said he would fix it.
Posted by bateyes88 (03/30/11 12:41 PM)
Wheres the rest of the story??
Posted by stranger_danger (03/29/11 03:17 PM)
you got the adventure-itis bro... i get it almost every time i eat more than 2 grams... i dont feel right unless im exploring somewhere.

dont let this discourage you from shrooms, u said ur first 2 experiences were beautiful, just because one was iffy doesnt mean you wont have more beautiful ones.

try going into the woods somewhere with a few close trusted companions and really properly adventure while tripping.. its my absolute favorite