Posted by All Natural (07/30/11 10:09 PM)
First one could just of been really good Bud but the second one if u where convinced it was not bud it might of been k2
Posted by Johney (04/11/11 03:25 PM)
lmfao, why dont you just ask the girl whom you were with wat the laced joint had in it.

Besides that you really didnt describe any unusual weed behavior and i smoke pot every day lmao
Posted by SeascapeShroomerGT (03/29/11 01:30 PM)
Sounds like some crip nugs. I highly doubt there was anything psychedellic in there, although it is weird that she asked you if you we're actually high.

VVVV K2 and simliar products are designed to be smoked but are marketed as incense to avoid liability. It does not have embalming fluid in it, that is retarded. It does not make you trip, it gives you a synthetic marijuana-like high.

"Please try to formulate ideas clearly before you vocalize them"

Posted by bubblesx0420 (03/27/11 01:30 AM)

I never ever ever tripped from just herb before in my life, and ive smoked some pretty amazing pot. but it probably was laced with K2. In case you dono what that is its a synthetic form or marijuana, its actually supposed to be used to burn as an inscent... but some weirdos smoke it. Its got all kind of crazy stuff in it, even embalming fluid. Anyway, I have only smoked it once, and it was just straight K2 and it was the first time i ever tripped.
Posted by 3Cajun1Mo8 (03/25/11 09:58 PM)
Maaybe she mixed some K2 or some kinda other spice in with it. 

Maybe it was just really bunk weed and you where having a placebo high and thats why she asked if you were really high
Posted by mikehauncho (03/25/11 07:44 PM)
Sounds like you just had some good bud and weren't used to it...