Posted by All Natural (07/30/11 10:16 PM)
That was your first time and your acting like an 8th is nothing thats bad
Posted by P.SUBS.DUB (07/05/11 11:35 PM)
ahahhahahahahah thats a funny story, sounds like a goodnight, deffinately a worry with the rents. 

Posted by allseeingike (05/12/11 10:02 PM)

never heard of anyone having a trip like this.i have never had anything like this and ive taken alot more than 5 grams. all my visions always consist of symbols and i never feel fucked up more like an altered sobr state.
Posted by wem420 (04/01/11 11:38 PM)
you were right, I have NEVER herd of anything quite that awesome for a trip, and ending so crazily.

If only your parents had understood what was going on you wouldnt of had to run out into a car and break yoru arm and nose lol. so sorry for the bad ending to the trip but i wanna experince 1/10 of what you did and i would be so happy!
Posted by Mushie23 (03/19/11 11:04 AM)
   LOL, funny story.  I'm surprised your friends gave you 5.5 gs for your first trip, that's a lot even for an experienced tripper.  Hope it didn't scare you away, mushies can open your mind up to shit you didn't know you could access.
Posted by rsrkt (03/19/11 01:10 AM)

lolololol funny story!

a bit too intense for me however! Although being spongebob and catching jellyfish would be an epic time!
Posted by InvaderShroom (03/18/11 11:59 PM)