Posted by Eyecantseeimdeaf (03/19/11 10:13 PM)
I don't now what kind of mushrooms they were. They were dried all i know is it was a half ounce I had purchased for me and a few friends I was Feeling blue when my mates eat them (I'm not from England or anything I'm just having fun talking like this I'm from Maryland) so I decided to wait until feeling better. I actually decided to grow as well I'm working on a batch of pink buffalo and suprisingly everything is going well so far.(knock on wood) They re almost done colonizing, so I am pretty excited. I chose the strain for its amazing name.
Posted by ShroomXolomilco (03/11/11 08:03 PM)
Sounds like you had a good time, man!
Posted by mathias (03/11/11 06:14 PM)
Tripping and having a great time is awesome.

When trips lead to a more positive life, and more satisfaction in "normal"  life.....
Ah, now we are REALLY getting somewhere.
Posted by InvaderShroom (03/11/11 02:46 PM)
what an amazing afternoon for you. i'm especially jealous of the hash although i do get pretty decent kush around where i'm at. do you remember what type of shrooms you took? I've never had shrooms but i just ordered a few types of spores to start some growing:) which is why i joined the forum. Guidance and ideas for what to do(cooking, higher yields, and of course best strains;))  But like i said before, great story. i heard shrooms and nature go hand in hand. Maybe camping or hiking for next time?