Posted by TrippinArnold (08/17/12 12:04 AM)
Jiminy Jillickers Batman!!!
Posted by King Cap (03/15/11 09:39 AM)

Thats awesome man. Ive got some B about halfway through colonization. Now I'm way excited
Posted by Ajaxx (03/13/11 06:51 PM)
damn man, when i grew B none of mine got any bigger than a bic lighter. the largest cap was maybe 2.5-3 cm wide.
Posted by Mycelium_Coloniser (03/13/11 01:35 PM)
Nice  :D next time line the bottom and sides with black  bin liner. that way you wont get ones trying to grow from the sides, getting all squashed.
Posted by agonzalez64 (03/12/11 12:26 PM)
that mushroom really wants attention. :D
Posted by fungivore (03/10/11 03:35 PM)
Simply beautiful!
Posted by ShroomXolomilco (03/10/11 12:28 PM)
That's a beauty!