Posted by andrewsfoot (01/31/11 02:28 PM)
it really was epic now but durring the time it was the most scary experience of my life. the next day was the most beautyfull day of my life
Posted by GGTBod (01/31/11 11:57 AM)

Sounds like a good strong entertaining trip, your problems came from lack of knowledge ,respect and preparation (mental) I bet now you respect hallucinogens like they deserve. Your biggest problems were all caused by your resistance to what was happening, the key is to just go with it, you can not die unless your stupid enough to inflict death on yourself which it appears you are not.

If you trip again avoid anything to do with a tv and most importantly relax, when you believed you died this was a classic ego death experience, this is something i need from a trip or i have not taken enough and anytime i do not "die" i feel was a wasted tripping session and a waste of sacred plants, the secret is to not resist as your ego is put to death for a few hours just relax go with the flow, lying on your side and if all else fails remember these words and add them to your "loop" "Everything will be okay in the morning" and remember to laugh at yourself for being a crazy bastard who would even eat a "magic" plant, did you think we were all exagerating or something lol, if you had done this with psychoative cacti the experience would have lasted around 12 hours.

Give yourself a few weks to think about it and then do it again, next one will be fun, you can not die without eating about 50 kilos of dried mushrooms, we regularly eat around 2 - 3 1/8ths each in a session, just remember to relax resistance is futile lol
Posted by Aldebaran (01/31/11 11:13 AM)
Judging from trip reports, 1/8 can sometimes be a bit too much for a first-time dose, but it depends on potency, setting, experience with other drugs e.t.c

The thoughts and feelings you write about sound quite normal for a rough trip on a heavy dose - as a 1st -timer you did well to cope with this on your own.

I hope you don't feel too distressed by the experience, it sounds like you learned a few things from it anyway :)
Posted by ShroomXolomilco (01/31/11 01:56 AM)

Dang that's crazy, man!  I never would have done an 1/8 for my first time haha.  You have some  balls.  And you had an epic trip (from my perspective lol, I hope you think it is, too). 

You handled the whole situation well.  Bravo.  

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