Posted by EvolveShrooms (06/01/11 04:50 PM)
Very cool trip. You are so right about understanding the insignificance of our own lives in the grand scheme of things. Now you just have to trip outdoors, in nice weather ;)
Posted by GGTBod (01/25/11 03:52 PM)

Sounds like you both got switched on for life but you will see when you take psychedelics more that you have described the effects of a nice mild trip, certainly not a level 4 trip by any means.

You are on the start line of a different path for your life that you would not have stepped on without psychedelics with a greater appreciation of the real things that matter.

You will see what I mean when you become comfortable enough to experience heavier doses you might even write a real level 4 trip report in perspective on this one.

5 star rating partially for the positivity vibes but mostly because reading it made me want to have a heavy dose and disolve into a pool of sentient liquid for a few hours
Posted by Mushie23 (01/24/11 04:25 PM)
   Great story, but I promise it only gets better.  Once you're able to go outside on mushies, earth becomes a big playground and the world turns into one big piece of eye candy, glad you enjoyed it.