Posted by mojoejojo (06/04/17 11:23 AM)
Really nice!
Posted by Fapmaster Flex (11/27/13 02:33 AM)
Is this tek still up to date? It seems like there is a debate around it. Some say it might help trigger more pins at first but since the amount of nutrients in the cake is limited anyway, the subsequent flushes would be reduced as a result. Thus defeating the purpose. I am still a total newbz and am a little lost when the opinions are so different.
Posted by mushroomwarrior (06/10/12 07:40 AM)
FAE =fresh air exchange

Posted by TH-E (12/14/11 02:46 PM)
 Thanks for sharing! I'm definitely going to try this method with my  Cambodian Cubenisis 
Posted by PAN.CYAN.GUY (08/22/11 12:08 PM)
Posted by King Cap (03/28/11 04:18 PM)
This may sound newbish (Im a beginner in the middle of his first try) but what does FAE stand for? I cannot find it anywhere on this website, it is not in the glossary. Google search suggested Fetal Alcohol Effects, something tells me this is not what your referring to in this tek. Please clarify when you get a chance