Posted by BurleyPsila (07/17/14 06:36 AM)

Do you reckon there would be any significant differences in using Demineralised water as apposed to Distilled water? i cant seem to find any locally, there is no real difference between the two. i am pretty sure its just the methods/procedures used to obtain such. Demineralised water i believe is running the water through particular ion resins and purifying it so to speak, as to distilled water is...well...distilled- vapours of steam accumilated and cooled down. if anyone could answer this question i would really appreciate it! Cheers!
Posted by Lodi (06/12/11 04:47 PM)
How many CC's of syringe spore/liquid solution should I use per half pint jar? If I want to add 2cc's instead of just 1. what would be the outcome? 
Posted by fkncrazy840 (03/13/11 11:33 AM)

will the mushroom still be potant and good for eating after printing ?