Posted by CrimsonRambeler (07/04/23 03:34 PM)
Hello, can we generate some information? I know I'm not allowed to see one of the Gymnopilus Luteofolius grows because of my low amount of posts on the site at the moment. Is it the same way here? Am I just not seeing any information on cultivation because of that? If anyone sends me genetics I'll document the grow here. I'm already about to do Pan Cincticulus, might as well run Bisporus alongside. 
Posted by Alan Rockefeller (05/01/20 04:37 PM)
Correct spelling is Panaeolus bisporus
Posted by germish (09/07/14 07:45 PM)
Curious as to why there is a star for rating but there is no information...? A further search using panaeoulus bispora will also reveal absolutely no info.