Posted by EDDIEO (11/10/16 09:04 PM)
i cut  the  heads  off  w/ clean  tools then cut  in  half  spread  all  over have  fun
Posted by emidude (04/01/16 08:14 AM)
Since you can break up cakes and the mycelium will spread and fully colonise a bulk substrate, is there a problem with repeating this procedure indefinitely.

I.e. Once the bulk substrate is fully colonised you can take a portion of this and crumble it up to innoculate further bulk substrate, and then once that is fully colonised you could take a portion of that to innoculate more bulk substrate, and so on.

This would mean that you wouldn't need to go through the procedure of inoculating the cakes, but I've not seen this mentioned on the shroomery. Perhaps I've just not looked in the right place or maybe is there a problem inbuilt into this method?

Does anyone else have experience doing this? Would it disrupt the mycelium network by cutting off a portion of the fully colonised substrate?
Posted by captianmush (05/18/15 02:12 PM)
There is no way dried flesh will will come back to life. Cloning is only done with live tissue. And is simply accomplished by isolating a sample of a freshly picked mushroom. 

In a glove box, I like to take my clean sterile kinfe cut the stem as close to the head as possible. (Can use the head for spore print.) Then I cut the bottom off (it's what I do, I think it is cleaner) then split stem lengthwise. Using clean and sterile tweezers peel out the strand like tissue. (Make sure you take it is from the core. The core is sterile.) Take your sample and place it into substrate for growing. Can be agar, rye grain or any tek you choose. 

This is how I clone, good luck
Posted by ThePsilosopher (05/23/14 08:13 AM)

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Posted by tommyg615 (03/31/14 02:41 PM)
if any one has info on this message me 
much apreciated
tommyg615 :)
Posted by tommyg615 (03/28/14 03:00 AM)
any information would be greatly apreciated, spesh when it comes to cloning cubes, i mean what are advantages if any over just growing from spore ?
Posted by SLiCeR (07/25/13 03:20 AM)
Where is the write up?!?!?!
Posted by tripp23 (05/26/13 01:04 PM)
Can some one please update this for the newbs?!?!
Posted by jacobensis (02/03/13 06:13 PM)

where`s the write up!!!? why the rating when nothings here?????
Posted by Broadwayboy814 (09/11/12 12:13 PM)

so u can put mycelium in with bulk substrate an it will colonize


Posted by gman (08/28/12 08:42 PM)
why does this document section have a star rating since it doesn't seem to contain any documents at all -- let alone anything on cloning . 
No answer needed but content would be nice. 
Posted by mycohobbiest (05/28/12 09:09 AM)
No, only living mycelium
Posted by MyKeyDJ (11/09/11 09:31 PM)

Is there a way to clone dried flesh???

Posted by istayhigh333 (03/03/11 07:01 AM)
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