Posted by Shroom8 (06/02/15 03:42 PM)
Can anyone identify these mushrooms I have growing on cow dung?
Posted by cow patty (05/10/14 10:12 PM)
 Penis Envy is a newer thick stalk with super high potency. If you want some powerfull stuff get Penis Envy and yes they look like big penises.
Posted by Oblivionn (06/23/13 04:34 AM)

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Posted by boomerbooming123 (12/30/11 11:37 AM)

dose any one know where to ge some high quailty spores that produce heavy flushes and good highs


Posted by wickedpayara (12/08/11 04:24 PM)
Man i ordered some spores from   the syringes were poorly loaded and they were supposed to send me the b plus strain but they wasnt b plus that came up. They r cubes for sure but very small shrooms and not potent at all. even eating 4 grams only produced a pot like high. i grew them on strw and worm castings spawned from rye grain. I have done this for years and always good shrooms come up.  i always dry them in a cool spot under a fan.  the way i always do.  What could make them lose potentcy like that?