Posted by Mr. Moose13 (04/11/18 08:15 PM)
I really need some help! My brf cakes are driving me nuts. I put them into fruiting 4 weeks ago and I have picked 2 full mature fruits. I had 6-7 aborts. This is out of 7 cakes. First 2 fruits came fast in the first 3 days. Then nothing for 2 weeks but a couple pin aborts! I'm in a sgft 12/12 light. Mist and fan 3-4X a day. Have small computer fan to help with fae and a humidifier plumbed into the sgft to help keep the RH up. Perlite is plenty moist. I taped up 80% of the holes and I'm getting more pins but they get to 1/8 inch tall and stop. Ive also dunked and rolled but the still seam very moist. WTH AM I DOING WRONG?
Posted by Aprilia356 (07/06/17 11:04 PM)
So very new to the cultivating part not the beautiful benifits though im still in research mode anything worth doing is worth doing right! Im having trouble with the nixed opione the kits please someone tell me why some are against some are for it with me a total beginner please point me in an non waste time direction im not expecting this process fast or easy but i want to obtain a legit understanding thanks so much young grasshopper
Posted by Jrboss (05/18/17 05:02 PM)
Try for rye berries I order here
Posted by bodhisatta (02/13/17 11:13 PM)
For the future anyone that finds this. Please post in the forums. No one really comes here to see this.
Posted by MarvelousMushrooms (01/29/17 11:53 AM)
Hi there,
Love the website and all the interesting information but please tell me if I am growing mound in my coffee? I thought I had inoculated coffee grounds with king Oyster and Shiitake spore but after 2  weeks there is this fuzz growing mostly on the top of the grounds and not like any of the photos and videos  that show  a pure white thready look. Today some of the jars are looking a bit green which I take is contamination but before this point I would like to confirm what was growing? We have had high temperatures and humidity in the Eastern Cape  South Africa but I think the grounds got s bit dry so have added moisture.They are in a dark cupboard.Evertything has been done according to sterile techniques.I have taken some photos and would really appreciate some advice before I throw it out and start afresh.Some jars were started with the pieces of mushrooms and others with spore syringes. Thanks so much
Posted by mdubbsraps (09/04/15 01:31 PM)
I have a question regarding Mycelium growth in one of the many experiments I'm doing with growing many Cubensis strains, there was a lot of top space I left in this glass case I injected a whole golden teacher syringe into it, the bottom has one spot of mycelium growth but the top appears to be pining, idk if it is or if it's just mycelium growing weird up top or what but someone check these pictures out and let me know if I should put it in a terrium now and just take the tin foil off top or just wait for the mycelium to cover the whole cake
Posted by TripNorth (04/08/14 11:09 AM)
I would like to post a picture of a WBS jar I started, problem is, I can't even start a thread. Any help?
First time cultivator and I would like someone to verify if my growth is mycelium or not....

Posted by funjoypower (12/08/12 02:35 AM)
i watched a brilliant gentleman by the name of Paul Stamets, a mycologist talk about the antimicrobial properties of fungi, how they can be used as potent insecticides, and how they may help boost the human immune system. He Gives a compelling presentation on "How Mushrooms Can Save The World!". If You Are Not Familiar With This Incredible Human Being, You Will Most Likely  Be Amazed!!!!

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Posted by cdmc1984 (12/30/11 03:38 PM)

I think you guys who visit and run should take note in what I say. Probably wont ! I don't give a shit if you do. So here it is sucks balls. I have gotten spore syringes from them so far six of them and you can't see shit in them.  Two of them I could count 9 little bitty black specs that you could see through the syringe, on white photo paper with a bright light 75watt bulb.  I would take pics but there is no point you can't see shit thank you asshole at NEXT UP you suck too.  Nine bags and five got green mold and four won't grow anything at all and the green mold grew faster then any thing it even grew in two bags i never even inoculated whatever, and just in case you want to argue with me go ahead.  This is my tech asshole OK  first I buy my stuff from supposed reptile dealer get my bags get my syringe, go in my bathroom where I have blocked off windows, doors, and air vents with some 6mill plastic and taped everything off.  Then clean first with bleach then vinegar then 91 iodise alcohol then I spray the room down with Lysol  open my glove box and clean all stuff heat the needle stab it through a small sponge soaked with alcohol wipe the bag down with alcohol.  For one last good clean then insert the needle with the sponge, still on the needle where you have marked the bag with tape inject five cc/ml from asshole then tape over with 3m paper tape.  Now i take my tonsof rye bags and put them in my incubator at 90% humidity and a solid 86.5F degrees let sit for four weeks and presto nothing or green mold.  Just 2 spots of what look to be misileya about the size of a U.S dime surrounded by green mold asshole fuck you everyone needs a pressure cooker anyways i hope stacie bachna grow in your pelo and you die from emphysema