Posted by tanman1990 (03/15/11 10:21 PM)
Definitely more than a lev 1 experience. I tried em for the first time like 2 nights ago. 2.7 grams, and I wish I had eaten more. Colors got vibrant, and the paterns on walls and stuff moved alot. I also could like think soooo deep. glad you had fun
Posted by Xraided (02/19/11 08:06 PM)
Heh heh sounds badass dude, and I agree w/ Toker...sounds like you had a bit more than a level one experience which is good anyway. Peace.
Posted by Midnight_Toker (02/03/11 02:02 PM)
Lol nice man but it sounds like you had more than a level 1 trip haha.
Posted by PsychedelicHero (01/11/11 08:33 PM)
lol tht sounded fun