Posted by WowItsMelting (01/13/11 07:10 PM)
i mean caps
Posted by WowItsMelting (01/13/11 07:10 PM)
i was on a half an eighth i dont know what grams are or anything. i just ate like 15 stems of what the dude caled Golden caps.
Posted by Beardofpower (01/13/11 08:48 AM)
Just out of curiosity, how much did you personally ingest? The title of this post will most likely attract beginners (obviously) so it would be good for them to have an amount to equate to such an experience. My personal approach to hallucinogenic mushrooms was to start out with relatively low doses and explore the amazing things you can gain from them as the doses progress (over time of course.) The difference between a half gram and say, 2.5 grams is pretty noticeable. Also, I appreciate your comment concerning not consuming mushrooms if you suffer from depression. I've seen a lot of people who were not ready for mushrooms (emotionally) who had a bad experience and never want to try them again! But I would personally widen that to anyone who may have trouble staying positive under pressure or who does not enjoy dealing with the ugly parts of life. Mushrooms can reveal the most beautiful things in the world (or out of this world ;) ) but they also can bring forth a lot of the dark things you subconsciously ignore. This little fact is why I advocate starting with lower doses, but most of all RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH! Know what you are getting into before trying any amount of shrooms (how much to take, what to expect with each amount, ect.)  

As other comments said this is your trip, and  they vary so much from anyone else's' (thats one of the things that so great about them), so to anyone who has never done shrooms, remember, this is only one of many ways you could experience them. Either way it sounds like you definitely gained a respect and understanding from them, and you'd be surprised how much you can incorporate that into your life. Hope at some point you'll be comfortable doing them again! nice report!
Posted by WowItsMelting (01/12/11 06:41 PM)
Its tru i might hav specified on things people dont even notice. and hahahahaha i wasnt necessarily crapping my pants. It was just a weired body high. Towards the end that went away and i was eating and everything. But overall shrooms are fun as hell. I guess thats what im trying to say. I was having the greatest time ever and then all of the sudden i got depressed. I also think it was because 3 of my friends left me with my friend that was trripin the hardest because he couldnt hang in public. So that triggered the unhappiness.
Posted by tiara (01/11/11 09:04 AM)
This is YOUR experience, not necessarily similar to anyone else's. 
I've had my share of depression and found ways that worked for me to get off medications and stay balanced. I know I could relapse if I don't stay on top of the diet, supplements, exercise and lifestyle factors that I need. I am not 'cured'. But since I need to eat, drink, breath, sleep, and stay within a temperature range that keeps me from either freezing or overheating, it is just part of living, I am not 'cured' from the need to breath or drink water. It is worth the minor restrictions many times over. I am happier and more stable than at any point in my life. 
I heartily recommend you stay away from alcohol, and mind altering drugs for recreation whether legal or not until you get yourself to a point you know you are no longer depressed. These can deplete some neurochemicals you need or cause an excess beyond what you need. Some can also have long term effects on your receptors making it difficult for any available neurochemical to get into the cells. 
Effects of shrooms can alter depending on potency, freshness, variety, what you have had to eat and drink possibly for a few days before and while under the influence, other mind altering substances you might ingest along with it, and your physical, mental and emotional state. The environment you are in, is it pleasant or unpleasant? safe? and likely to remain so for the duration?
It seems doubtful that too many people would repeatedly enjoy shrooms if doing so gave them the feeling they'd be crapping in their pants the entire time. 
Remember please that what you experience may have little in common with what others experience. 
Take care of yourself, find out what you can do to control your depression and then consider trying mind altering substances. It is possible for shrooms to be healing in a pleasant or challenging way. Taking a hard look at yourself isn't always easy but can be a boon to becoming a better, stronger person. And sometimes the shrooms are just fun. There is more research being done with cancer patients and shrooms relieving anxiety and lowering need for pain meds. 
Shrooms can be a powerful teacher. Such power needs to be treated with respectful caution.