Posted by acidmon (01/28/11 08:28 PM)

OK, I'm not crazy (honest). If this post illustrates the distinguishing features between genus psilocybe and genus amanita, it may well be worthy. Notice how A.Phalloides and A.Muscaria have common features: that bulbous bag like cup on the base - the volva - being one of them. No psilocybes have this (or pure white gills). I can recommend A.Muscaria , but go to a place away from your mother for a day.
Posted by acidmon (01/07/11 08:48 PM)

Apparently they're tasty. Look, only an eejit would try. There have been cases of poisoning where the victim preported to have tasted 'the most wonderful mushroom". As you probably know, poisoning via the Death Cap is extremely iniquitous: flu like symtoms, vomiting on days 1,2 and 3; then an apparent 'recovery' (like Kane outa Alien); by which time both your kidneys and liver have been written off by the Phallotoxins and your only salvation would be a transplant; then death. Suprisingly in the UK, we get at least a couple of cases of mushroom mis-identity every year; usually by the people who sit underneath an elephant's arse and wait to get shat upon.
Posted by bagiluob (01/07/11 08:02 AM)
Cooking phalloides???

Either you are crazy, or want to kill someone, or I have to learn a thing.